About Us


Our mission at Emmto is to provide unique digital applications that enrich conversations and interactions for those experiencing memory and communication challenges.

By utilizing the power of digital technology, we can support individuals, friends, families and carers to help change their narrative.

Our technology is underpinned by well established approaches, research and therapies developed for Dementia and other communication disorders.


Our vision for Emmto is to enhance quality of life by taking cherished moments from the past to help us see beyond memory and communication challenges, ensuring the person remains valued and engaged with society


Passion, Quality, Research-Based, Flexibility Innovation, Trust, Integrity, Experience, Kindness, Dynamic, Person-Centeredness and Empowerment.

Transitioning Life Story Work into the digital age

Emmto is much more than a digital application. It meshes the fundamental power of reminiscence therapy with our cultural tradition of storytelling to produce a tool that engages and stimulates the user and encourages conversation with others.

Meet the Team

Andrea Lloyd - Domain Specialist

“I am committed to providing person-centered solutions to the social care sector”

Margaret Browne - Domain Support Specialist

“I aim to ensure that each person with communication challenges is valued and empowered within society”

Rovigo Manucci - Product Manager

“I love creating products that change people’s lives”

Adam Lloyd - Chief Technical Officer

“Highly motivated to create and scale cloud native full stack solutions”

Joe Whelton - Sr. Developer

“Passionate about problem-solving and bringing creative solutions“

How we work as a team together?

The Emmto team has expertise in areas that complement each other. Andrea and Margaret experience in the domain guides Rovigo’s user experience focus to create suitable and functional designs and flows for the development team to implement. Adam has a strong background in cloud-native applications and has the expertise to architect the platform and implement Rovigo’s designs in a scalable and maintainable manner.

Joe works with Adam on the implementation and brings experience with accessibility and compatibility which will be needed to support such a wide variety of devices that the platform will run on.

Andrea and Margaret have a track record of working together when they formed Coolagh Advisory Service to do consultancy work on Positive Ageing for People with an Intellectual Disability.