Emmto is a digital platform that can transform the way we communicate with those affected by memory challenges. 

Transitioning Life Story Work into the digital age

Emmto is much more than a digital application. It meshes the fundamental power of reminiscence therapy with our cultural tradition of storytelling to produce a tool that engages and stimulates the user and encourages conversation with others.

What is Emmto?

Emmto is a digital application that facilitates engagement with those impacted by memory and communication challenges. It can be used on tablets, phones and personal computers.

Key Features

A communication support for individuals with memory and communication challenges


Emmto uses information taken from the person’s life to generate an initial template of memories.


Bring memories to life by adding audio or text to create moments in time that matter.


Viewing  memories is simple with the custom made and distraction-free player.


Emmto offers advanced features focused on Healthcare Facilities

Session recording

For healthcare organizations, Emmto has the potential to record sessions with each person. This can help support staff get the most out of reminiscence or life story sessions. Session length, Moments and images viewed are automatically tracked and recorded. 

Session notes and ratings

At the end of each session, support staff can add notes and rank the session under categories such as enjoyment, participation, mood and memory.  This can be tremendously helpful to define which memories resonate the most and which ones not too much.

Benefits for everyone

  • The platform can accommodate the needs of users with differing abilities.
  • Unlike printed photographs, you can zoom in on images if necessary.
  • The condition of printed books will deteriorate with use and over time.
  • Developed from existing products by those with direct experience of client groups.
  • It can be either a conversation starter for family/carers or form part of a formal reminiscence/activity session in a more formal setting such as residential care homes.
  • Has the opportunity to use a generic profile (as in printed LSB) to help families/carers ‘get started’/provide a guide and
    make life story work accessible for those who have no family/access to their own photos, etc

How to use Emmto